Free Complimentary Inspection

Take advantage of our free full inspection of your AC system today. The complimentary inspection can be scheduled at your convenience with the day and time of your choice.

We usually start by conducting a comprehensive complimentary consultation to assess what exactly is the problem with your air condition system along with other essential components and provide you with a quote accordingly.

You may call us at +971 4 32 11 890, email us at info@moltocare.ae or you may choose to fill the form below.

Please do keep in mind that an average quality inspection takes around 30 minutes under normal circumstances.

A full report along with photos will be provided within 24 hours after the consultation. The report will include:

  • A pricing quote
  • Narrative describing the condition of your AC System
  • Photos of the interior of your AC Duct System
  • Recommendation on best cleaning method
  • Any mechanical problems that may not necessarily be related to the hygiene status of the AC system
  • Finally, approximate duration to complete the cleaning and disinfecting job.

The report will help you decide on when to have your AC System cleaned and the general condition. Take advantage today of the this free and rare opportunity.

Put moltocare in your life to breathe the difference.

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Opening time: 9am-6pm, Saturday to Thursday.
Toll Free Number: 800 molto (66586)
Email: info@moltocare.ae

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