Energy SAVER Airco Solutions

Moltocare is proud to now give you the chance to conserve electricity along with saving money on your monthly DEWA bill. By installing our DEWA approved Aircosavers, you will not face any disruptions in the flow of air in your home, while being conservative of the environment.

As a first step, Moltocare will provide all its customers with a free inspection indicating the various possible solutions the customer can adopt towards preserving their AC energy consumption. Our experienced professions will provide a detailed report with information on the current computation and all the possible solutions available.

What essentially is an Aircosavers?

Nearly all existing direct air conditioners are designed to use more energy than necessary. AIRCOSAVER is a smart control device that eliminates this excess energy consumption and upgrades by 15-25% the energy efficiency of existing AC systems. Smart4Power is the region’s exclusive provider of the AIRCOSAVER solution


AIRCOSAVER is especially valuable in the hot climate of the UAE and wider region, where air conditioning can comprise in excess of 70% of annual energy costs. Benefits include:

  • Energy savings of 15-25% across DX AC types
  • Payback period of 8-12 months for most applications
  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • Increases AC system lifetime due to reduced use of compressor

General Terms & Conditions:

  • The savings accumulated will depend on the size of the property and usage of utility which will be compared on a monthly basis.
  • An accurate result in water preservation can only be done when the test is run for an entire year to avoid any fluctuation variables. The annual study can be compared to the previous years to depict whether there has been a significant difference in the monthly utility bills. Should there not be any change, Moltocare will refund the customer its investment and remove all devices from their room.
  • This is subject to no increase in DEWA costs, changes in fees/taxes and no manipulation of the equipment installed by Moltocare.
  • Although, such an initiative will benefit the environment, we must ask you to take a further step and limit your daily consumption of energy.

Are you looking to do more?

Have a look at our other Energy Savers like Lighting & Water solutions which further help in utilizing less energy and will turn your home into a beacon for energy conservation.