Steam Cleaning


Steam Cleaning in Dubai and the UAE

Steam cleaning is a new method of hard surface cleaning

Using just clean water, steam is a natural source that provide a powerful cleaning force.

Performing a deeper treatment approach will remove the dirt, pet hair, dust mites, and other debris that commonly work their way down further or are dug into the fibers themselves.

Why Steam Cleaning ?

Steam cleaning is eco-friendly. No detergent and low water consumption.
Steam cleaning is hygienic. Even those hard to reach areas can be cleaned and 99.99% of bacteria killed
Steam cleaning is healthier.

Fabrics hold on to dirt and bacteria extremely effectively, which means that by having dusty or unclean upholstery in your home, you may still be affecting the health of yourself and your family members.

How can moltocare clean my upholstery?

moltocare uses European certified machines to steam clean upholstery, ensuring that afterwards the fabric is clean, sanitized and looking as good as new! As the steam only uses heat (up to 140 degrees) this is an extremely eco-friendly way to kill off harmful bacteria and remove dust and stains, with the strength to kill even the most powerful bacterias such as E-Coli and Samonella.

By not using potentially harmful and expensive chemicals, our steam-cleaning service is an extremely safe and cost effective way to clean your furniture.

Does moltocare have to take my upholstery away to clean?

No, thanks to our innovative machines, your items can be steam cleaned in your home and dry on site

moltocare cleans practically all furniture and fittings. This includes curtains and draped, carpets, and mattresses.

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Opening time: 9am-6pm, Saturday to Thursday.
Toll Free Number: 800 molto (66586)

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